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Dagen Trucking Professional Heavy Hauling Trucking Services

At Dagen Trucking, our team has the ability and expertise to create the most efficient hauling plan to deliver your freight from point A to point B safely, with ease, and on-time! From super load hauling to cargo trucking, you can be confident that your cargo is secure, transported on top-of-the-line, well-maintained equipment and handled by courteous and trained drivers.

We Are The Preferred Hauler In The Capital Region

Located in Upstate New York, we serve the lower 48 states and Canada, in addition to being a preferred hauler for government and energy projects in the Capital Region. In short, we are a team with over 25 years of experience in oversize industrial hauling for the power, wind and energy industries. Large or Small, We Haul it All!

  • Lowboy hauling
  • Flatbed/Step deck
  • Self-propelled trailer
  • Multi-axle trucking
  • 13-axle trailer
  • Flatbed stretch
  • Double-drop stretch trailer
  • Lowboy 16-axle trailer
  • Multi-axle flatbed

Equipment Spotlight: Our Trailers Can Haul Practically Anything

Dagen Trucking transports freight from 500-pound LTLs to 220,000-pound Superloads. Handling such a wide range requires a variety of trucks and trailers. With 15 tractors and 50 trailers, Dagen has the equipment to handle hauling small cargo to massive power, wind and energy components, and everything in between.

Here are some of the trailers that we often use, and their differences:

The flatbed is generally 48’ long and 102” wide. The maximum height that can be loaded on to these trailers is 8’4” and they can scale up to 48,000 pounds.
A step-deck, also known as a drop-deck trailer can scale freight up to 46,000 pounds. The various heights of this trailer’s bed allow us to handle pieces up to 10’ tall! Step-decks can either be 48’ or 53’ long, with the top deck stretching between 10-11ft!
Step Deck
Double Drop Decks
Similar to a step deck, a double drop deck has two upper decks, often located at the trailer’s front and rear axles, and a single lower deck between. This “well” in the middle is used for oversized freight, as the lower center of gravity stabilizes tall loads. They can scale more than 40,000 pounds, and can transport freight up to 11’8” tall legally!
Double drop deck

Other units used at Dagen include Military OshKosh prime movers, a Conestoga and self-propelled Faymonville trailers that provide even more options for transporting large cargo. Our equipment is a big leap from Dagen’s humble beginnings with one 48 foot flatbed 25 years ago!

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