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Dagen Trucking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What kind of freight does Dagen Trucking haul?

  • General tooling, miscellaneous crated/ uncrated machinery and equipment.
  • Miscellaneous oversized loads (ex. train cars).
  • Wind turbine components/ tooling.
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What are the maximum weight and dimensions that Dagen Trucking can scale?

  • Up to 2 million lbs. on our 12-line self-propelled Faymonville trailer.
  • Anything legal as well as any overweight/over-dimensional superloads. Our team can accommodate any dimensions our customers may need!
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What kind of equipment does Dagen Trucking have?

  • Dagen’s fleet consists of 12 power units as well as 5 Oshkosh prime movers.
  • Our trailers range from hotshots, flatbeds, step-decks, double drops, a conestoga, multi-axle’s and RGN’s.
  • We have 7 in-house escort trucks.
  • Our forklifts are capable of scaling between 5,000 and 55,000 LBS.
  • We also are home to a 65 ft Man lift.
  • And miscellaneous cranes scaling up to 240k LBS.
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Where is Dagen Trucking located?

  • We are located just outside of Albany, NY but we haul across the lower 48 states, including New York, Massachusetts and Nebraska, as well as Canada, too!
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